Top Five Things To Look For In An Accounting and Tax Consultant

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Hiring a competent accounting and tax consultant ensures that you have access to the financial data and business intelligence required to make timely and accurate decisions. They can help weed out financial accounting errors and become the binding agent that holds the business together.

With a deserving and efficient professional for the job, you stand to obtain accurate information while freeing up the time to concentrate on the business growth roadmap instead of looking into balancing your accounts and thinking of tax-saving means. However, hiring a qualified accounting and tax consultant is easier said than done and often a tedious process.

To avoid any hassles and simplify the process of hiring the right professional for your tailored needs, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring an accounting and tax consultant.

1. Accreditation
A good accounting and tax consultant will have the accreditation to back up their knowledge and expertise. As you are interviewing accountants in the initial conversations, ask for additional certifications or licenses that they may have. Accreditations separate a professional from a rookie. Since your accounting and tax consultant will directly handle your finances, you want to ensure they are accredited CPAs.

2. Right fit
You will be working closely with your accounting and tax consultant throughout tax season. So it makes sense to work with someone you like. Finding an accounting and tax consultant that you get along with can simplify the process of doing your business taxes and make it a much more enjoyable experience. You don’t have to be best friends, but it’s definitely a bonus if you can find an accounting and tax consultant whose personality matches yours.

3. Knowledgeable
Sure, it’s important to be qualified and trained in accounting and taxing, but being knowledgeable and remaining up to date with tax rules and regulations is another essential trait you should look for in an accounting and tax consultant. Since these rules change every year, you must hire an accounting and tax consultant who stays on top of tax regulations. 

4. Area of work
The last thing you want is an accounting and tax consultant who takes a one-size-fits-all approach to manage your accounts and taxes. Every business (including yours) is unique and, as such, involves a different set of challenges come tax time. A competent accounting and tax professional will display a genuine interest in understanding you and your company. They’ll ask questions, get to know your finances, and develop solutions that help you finish on the winning side.

5. Communication
You need to hire an accounting and tax consultant who is great with numbers in all obviousness. But having excellent communication skills is paramount. Getting your taxes done can be tedious, drawn-out and sometimes painstaking. And that process will be much more stressful if you team up with a professional who doesn’t communicate well with you. A competent accounting and tax consultant should foster open communication, keep you updated on what’s going on with your finances and make themselves available to answer any queries or doubts you might have about the process.

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